The International Liszt Ferenc Competition Preliminary Round -

Hong Kong / Macau

李斯特國際公開賽 -



The 2020 Competition is coming soon!

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Liszt Ferenc was a prolific 19th-century Hungarian composer, virtuoso pianist, conductor, music teacher, arranger, organist, philanthropist, author.

The Interntional Liszt Ferenc Competiton is initiated by the World Organization for Promoting Music and Arts Education and supported by Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music.

Competition is not the ultimate goal of the festival, but to encourage further development of the young musicians, the festival provides a great chance for all participants, on their free will, to present themselves in a way of competition with an open and fair environment.

Apart from the competition, the participants will also participate in workshops held by Hungarian and international music experts, and chance to visit the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest. These will open a new horizon and many possibilities to the participants for getting in touch with Hungarian music and music facilities. 

2019 The International Liszt Ferenc has added a String Category for the first time.


此項音樂比賽的舉辦宗旨:致力推動全球音樂文化發展, 與中外專業院校、專業師資、培訓機構鼎立合作, 將 「李斯特國際鋼琴公開賽」  打造為最具音樂水準的國際賽事。此外,公開賽的目的為吸引更多熱愛音樂的選手參與,提高音樂興趣,學習專業音樂知識,打開國際音樂視野,實現美好音樂夢想。


The International Liszt Ferenc Competition Highlights 2018

Speech of Kiraly Csaba Jury Principal -The International Liszt Ferenc Competition