Tour Summary


Day 1 - 5 第一至五天

You will visit “The Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music” and participate in the 【 International Liszt Ferenc Competition】, Master Class and a series of activities.

“The Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music” was built in 1875 which was founded by Franz Liszt himself.

A day for free activities will be assigned for shopping and sightseeing in a flexible manner! 

到訪【李斯特音樂學院 】,參與【 李斯特國際鋼琴公開賽比賽】、大師課及各式各樣活動。



Day 6 第六天
Budapest -> Vienna ( Around 3 hours)

布達佩斯 > 前往維也納 (車程3小時)

Visit “Beethoven-Haus”, located at the centre of Bonn in order to explore the musical path of excellent musician, Beethoven.

“Heroes’ Square” is the construction began in 1896 so as to commemorate the thousandth anniversary of the Hungarian conquest of the Carpathian Basin.

You can also take part in one of the 4 major State Operas, “Vienna State Opera”.

Let’s experience the fascination of the “Musical City” - Vienna!

參觀位於城市的中心(Beethoven-Haus) 貝多芬的故居,走遍偉大音樂家—貝多芬的足跡。然後前往為紀念 1986 年匈牙利民族在這裡定居 1000 年而所建的英雄廣場,

大家一起感受擁有「音樂之都」 稱譽的 維也納 ~


Mozarts Geburtahaus

Residential area of Mozart in Vienna. His authentic handwriting of pieces are available to be appreciated.


The Golden Hall

One of the famous concert halls in the world. Beautifully and elegantly designed. The audio effects are excellent.

Day 7 第七天

Budapest - > Prague (Around 4 hours)

布達佩斯 > 前往布拉格(車程4小時)

Exploring Popular Scenic Spots

參觀旅遊布拉格四大景點 :

金色大廳 》: 設計裝修精美,音響效果出色,是世界上最著名的音樂廳之一。

聖史提芬大教堂》: 位於維也納的心臟舊城區,歷史悠久。

莫札特故居》: 位於維也納租住的住所, 親睹其珍貴手寫真跡和創作樂譜。

維也納音樂博物館》: 內裏除了有很多音樂家珍品、珍貴樂器展示、歷史文獻外,最特別的是它用有趣互動的方法展示音樂,讓人可以輕鬆地體驗美妙音樂。


St. Stephen's Cathedral

Historically memorable. It is located at the crucial area of Vienna Old Town.


Vienna Musical Museum

Valuable instruments and historical literature are shown with interesting interaction. Visitors can experience the amusement of music with joy!

Day 8 第八天

Let’s Go to “Prague Castle”.  The Bohemian Crown Jewels are kept within a hidden room inside it.

Visit “NamestiMiru” (Peace Plaza) and go shopping in “Havel's Market”. You can further explore the lifestyle of the locals!

The well-known opera “Don Giovanni” enable you to experience the musical culture!



最後欣賞著名歌劇 <唐‧喬望尼>,親身體驗音樂文化!


Day 9 第九天

Departure from Budapest Airport~